Here’s What Others Have Said About Us:

“I was locked out of my house last night, and they were the only company who could provide me with service.  The service was in a class of its own. They were there in minutes!!!! The locksmith was very friendly, and skilled. I highly recommend them. I have used other lock smith companies before, and none of them were as professional as this company.  Thank you so much AAA!”
-Matt Y.
San Jose, CA

“I needed a locksmith to come out at the same time as the police to evict someone,It was a Holiday, it was a touchy situation and I needed to make sure my locks were changed before the police left, being as SJPD is busy, they wont give me a time, just an estimated time, I called AAA locksmith and explained the situation, they Were so understanding and actually came and waited for the police to come. they were quick and very professional. He even changed all my locks to work on one key! I was very happy and now use them for all my clients needs as well, I Def. Recommend these guys.”
-Julie B.
San Jose, CA

“I am new to the South Bay. I contacted several locksmiths in the area for estimates in regards to changing my locks. I chose AAA for their professional and informative phone conversation with me. After receiving the service, I was satisfied and I have recommended them to my friends at work.”
-Sara S.
San Francisco, CA

“I found myself in the precarious situation of having to change my locks in the middle of the night last night… It was an unfortunate circumstance where this could not wait until the morning. About a year ago, I used AAA locksmith’s services to secure my business and they were onetime, professional, and I’ve had no problems with any of my locks since they got me squared away.  Luckily for me, I held on to their business card.   I called them at 2:00am last night, and remarkably, their locksmith, Barry, was there at 2:20am on a Sunday!!! Not only were they there in 20 minutes at that ungodly hour, but Barry actually remembered doing the work for me a year ago! He managed to re-key 5 locks for me in under a half hour and actually allowed me to get a the few hours of sleep I was sure I would not get.  The service was great, the locksmith Barry was phenomenal and admittedly, I paid much less than I would have expected to.  From somebody who knows a thing or two about business, trust me, if you ever need any work locksmithing work done, these are your guys… “
-Matt M.
Sunnyvale, CA

“My buddy got locked out of his place so we went into a store across the street and asked them to call us a locksmith and they recommended the one they use. We called the number that was on the sticker of the store door and AAA locksmith showed up within 20-30 min like they said. ANd we were back on the road again in about 5 min. It was cheap and fast.”
-John C.
San Jose, CA

“It is good to see that old fashion good service and fair pricing still exists.
Nice young gentleman came to my office and helped me with my security issues quickly and professionally.”
-Sean S.
San Jose, CA

“Great service, they get there fast and fix the problem fast, theyre cheaper than the other prices i get when i call around and theyre confident in their prices so they always let me call around for a better price. Its true theres a ten bucks off coupon in the yellow pages or if you pay cash. i always pay cash for the extra discount.”
-Helen CL
San Jose, CA